Following Our Destiny by Listening to Our Spirit

by Anita Ashland People often find Carl Jung’s books difficult to read. Yet Jung said it wasn’t academic people who read his books, but “ordinary people, often quite poor people. And why do they do it? Because there’s a deep need in the world just now for spiritual guidance.” In The Call of Destiny: An … Read more

“On the Journey…” Art of the Human Soul

by Betty Paz What is in-depth work like from an artist’s perspective? This is what I’m here to share. Before I get into the details of my creative process I have to go back in time a few years ago when it all started. Bear with me as I take you briefly through my journey, … Read more

Refreshed website launch imbued with Daryl Sharp’s legacy

Daryl Sharp, the Founder and General Editor of Inner City Books, began his Jungian experience in Zürich, learning from those whom Jung had personally trained.  Integrity, competence, generosity of spirit, depth of feeling, and breadth of cultural sensitivity, for example, were alive and well. A deep respect for inner images held pride of place over … Read more


A man’s journey to find the Answer of Why and How Searching for answers is a journey with many dead ends, paths to frustration, bridges requiring time to build, and occasionally finding an accurate map/guide who points you truthfully through the fog of life. That “accurate guide”, for me was James Hollis’ book The Middle … Read more

Reading companions for the ‘dark night of the soul’

An archetypal motif in mythology and psychologically associated with depression and the loss of energy, the dark night of the soul is an important stage of the quest for deeper knowledge, as Joseph Campbell said:   “The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then … Read more

Preface Extract from THE SECRET WORLD OF DRAWINGS A Jungian approach to healing through Art by Gregg M. Furth

Interpretation can paradoxically help discover a particular kind of beauty in a drawing. Whoever has made a drawing often judges his picture according to external aesthetic criteria, and he therefore tends to underestimate it in view of his limited means of pictorial expression. Here, interpretation can help the patient change that viewpoint and those criteria. … Read more

The Kallichoron Well by J. Gary Sparks For Daryl

I arrived around midnight.  The flight had been delayed for several hours.  When I got to the hotel I found my reservation was mislaid, and there was no free room.  My suitcase and I had no choice but to set out in the bleak night for a hotel with available room.  After about an hour … Read more

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