Press Release: Two New Inner City TItles

INNER CITY BOOKS is proud to add TWO NEW TITLES to its substantial, acclaimed canon of Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts:

125. AN AMERICAN JUNGIAN: In Honor of Edward F. Edinger
(Ed. George R. Elder and Dianne D. Cordic). Illustrated.
ISBN 978-1-894574-26-6. 288 pages. Sewn. Index. $35/£20

This extraordinary compilation brings together essays and reviews by Dr. Edinger together with appreciations by others of his work and interviews with him. None of it has previously been published in book form.

Edward F. Edinger was such a significant presence in the worldwide Jungian community that this volume can only begin to assess his greatness as an interpreter of Jung’s work and his dedication to the significance of Analytical psychology—but it well illustrates his worth.

Contents include:

  • Bibliography of Edinger books and electronic media
  • An American Jungian: Transcript of the acclaimed video,”A Conversation with Edinger,” by Lawrence W. Jaffe
  • A Guide to the Writings of Edward F. Edinger, by Robin Robertson
  • Edinger Essays and Reviews:
  • An Outline of Analytical Psychology
  • Paracelsus and the Age of Aquarius
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson: Naturalist of the Soul
  • Individuation: A Myth for Modern Man
  • The Question of a Jungian Community
  • Archetypal Patterns in Schizophrenia
  • Tributes to M. Esther Harding, Eleanor Bertine, Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz
  • The Psyche and Global Unrest
* * * * *

126. JUNG UNCORKED: Rare Vintages from the Cellar of Analytical Psychology—Book Four
Decanted with Commentaries by Daryl Sharp (Toronto)
ISBN 978-1-894574-27-3. 160 pages. Sewn. Index. $25/£15

This volume concludes the author’s adventurous Uncorked series (see titles 120, 121, 123) explicating various essays in C. G. Jung’s Collected Works. Each chapter presents spirited passages from an essay in one volume of Jung’s CW, with experiential commentaries on their psychological and contemporary relevance.


  • 9ii The Shadow
  • 10 The Undiscovered Self
  • 11 Yoga and the West 39
  • 12 Religious Ideas in Alchemy 48
  • 13 The Philosophical Tree 55
  • 14 The Components of the Coniunctio 62
  • 15 In Memory of Sigmund Freud 75
  • 16 Principles of Practical Psychotherapy 87
  • 17 The Development of Personality 108
  • 18 Symbols and the Interpretation of Dreams 115

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