The BTSxAHCxJUNG Project


The Jungians and the BTS Army discovered each other on Twitter in March 2019.
Laura London (@jungianlaura), a Twitter influencer with a particular interest in Jung, mentioned that an author she had interviewed in her popular podcast “Speaking of Jung” had written a book with the same name as the next BTS album.

Dr. Murray Stein’s 1998 book “Jung’s Map of the Soul” was revealed as the basis for the 2019 album “Map of the Soul: Persona.”

The floodgates on her Twitter account immediately opened, as BTS fans arrived. 

BTS Armys were eager to read and understand Jung. They had been exposed to Jungian ideas already, due to the popularity of an earlier BTS album based on the Herman Hesse novel, Demian

Laura London soon responded: there was a second podcast with Dr. Murray Stein, answering questions submitted by the Armys. 

You can hear this podcast at Speaking of Jung; it is EPISODE 42.

Inner City Books was contacted by the Army Help Center (AHC), a wonderful volunteer group of fans who also possess psychology backgrounds or training. These volunteers are available to listen to and help young people who feel alone and alienated as they deal with the huge stressors of modern life.

Check them out on Twitter@BTS_AHC_Projects and @BTS_AHC

AHC work is in line with the goals of BTS, who have made it their mission to openly speak about mental health issues and challenges facing young people in the world. 

They also have a number of charity projects that they fund to help young people around the world.

AHC sought inspiration in BTS’s upcoming comeback “Map Of The Soul: Persona,” as they consider it the most representative BTS work to date that fits their agenda as a support community and avid Psyche enthusiasts.

Soon the Jungian world on Twitter was watching and talking to the BTS Armys, beginning an exchange of knowledge that became more exciting as information about the new BTS album “Map of the Soul: Persona” became available.
They launched the #BTSxAHCxJUNG project in partnership with Laura London and Dr. Murray Stein, to bring ARMY closer to the concepts and history of Jungian psychology in an interactive, fun, and educational way.
The basic story line of BTSxAHCxJUNG is that Carl Jung is an intrepid explorer on the ocean of the human experience, finding new frontiers and bringing back exciting new knowledge to help others navigate their own courses through life.
We welcome everyone to consider our books, which can help people with the terminology and concepts of Jungian psychology.
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