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We are thrilled to announce J. Gary Sparks’ new title The Call of Destiny: An Introduction to Carl Jung’s Major Works

The intent of this book is to present an overview of how and to what end Jung’s work developed into a coherent worldview over the course of his life. I would particularly like to give the reader a feel for Jung’s writing at the end of his life as one cogent piece.

We examine each of the major books Jung wrote during his final creative phase, and will clarify the thematic threads between them as they form a complete and singular tapestry with a solid continuity for psychology and beyond. We can watch each volume add a certain aspect to the overall grasp of what Jung felt we needed to know to complete the consciousness journey—for ourselves and, ultimately, for our time.

Listen to Laura London’s Speaking of Jung interview with J. Gary Sparks.

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Hear the voice behind the words. Recently discovered audio recordings of Daryl Sharp are offered here for your edification and listening pleasure.



By popular demand we’re reintroducing The Psyche as Sacrament, Sacred Chaos, Hags and Heroes, The Cassandra Complex, and we’ll have others coming soon.

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