Daryl Sharp 1936-2019

Daryl Sharp
Jungian Analyst, publisher & author, Daryl Sharp, has died.


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  1. Daryl hired me way back on Sep. 1989 when I was just looking for a little side job to supplement my music income. Little did I know I would still be here 30 years later. Daryl was a kind boss, a quirky boss, a funny boss, a business minded boss, but most of all a boss that became like a second father to me. Daryl always had a keen interest in what music I was doing and supported it as long as I didn't give up my day job. The Jungian world has experienced a great loss with him tripping the light fantastic to another realm. I write this today from Inner City in the office next to his and it is with a teary eye and a melancholic heart that I won't see this wonderful guy shuffle into my office with any more music questions. Much love to you Daryl from Scott Milligen
    (Yellow Horse) Inner City Books Office Manager and in house drummer.

  2. Dearest Scott, David and Family –

    My sincere, and deepest condolences to you and your family.

    It saddens me to hear of Daryl’s passing, and I wish to convey to you that it was indeed a pleasure to work with Daryl all these years, and befriend such a fine gentleman.

    I am sure he will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by many in his community, and by me personally.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time.

    RIP Daryl.

    Your friend,
    Trevor Williamson – Thistle Printing
    Director of Business Development

  3. While I never met Daryl in person, we corresponded around Inner City Books business for almost two decades and I've always believed that Daryl had the best sense of humor of any analyst I've met. He will be missed, but his spirit lives on…with great love from Texas, Elissa A. Davis, Director of Customer Service and Retail Sales, The Jung Center of Houston.

  4. The years of training in Zürich and the many enjoyable and intelligent conversations with Daryl fill my memory. It was a special time, and what those teachers gave us was a sacred gift. Daryl has been in the forefront of sharing the richness of that time with me and others here, on another continent, and his endeavors have inspired many to do the same.

    I had seen Daryl at the Institute when I arrived in Zürich in 1975, but I had not spoken to him there. After a few weeks in Switzerland, which were very hard for me, I was sure I had made a mistake in thinking I could complete the rigors of Jungian training. One day I was walking around the city feeling hopeless, and I ran into Daryl. He greeted me, that was our first meeting. He asked me how I was and I said "terrible," that I feared I had made a huge mistake coming to Switzerland, it all just seemed impossible. He replied, "It's supposed to seem impossible, otherwise it wouldn't bring out your best." If I hadn't met up with him that day, I would have given up before I began.

    Then I'd run out of money several years into training. I was down to less money than the cost of a plane ticket to the US. I threw the I Ching and received the response of hexegram #1, no moving lines: "The universe will respond."

    I waited, staying rent free in a friend's apartment, my heartache grew. Again, I was sure, "this will never work out." I was hitchhiking back to the apartment one afternoon and no driver would pick me up. In those days, it was easy to hitch a ride and a thumb out routinely would take no more than five minutes to flag a ride. Then up zips Daryl in his Autobianchi and offered me that ride. Again the question "how are you" and again the response "terrible," as I explained my money situation. He told me that he was graduating and had lucrative employ teaching English at (the then) Swiss Air and at the commercial high school of Zürich. He spoke well of me to his boss. The work was mine. Teaching in Switzerland pays extremely well, and by working part time I was able to meet my expenses, to slow down, to really enjoy living in Europe. That was the occasion for my falling in love with the continent, which, in addition to savoring its life and turning my head around, opened the door for me to experience Jung as I was living from the cultural milieu that grounded him.

    The Universe had responded.

  5. (continued from previous post)
    And then there was the "Canadian Mafia," as we affectionatly called them: Fraser, Marion, John D., and Daryl. Whenever we were in an evening lecture together, Daryl was sure to invite me to join them for a beer at a local establishment. Thus began my feeling at home in an initially strange and lonely city … and to enjoy Daryl's twinkling and big-hearted friendship.

    At every juncture of my European experience, Daryl was there, helpful, kind, supportive. What would I have done without the Bard of the North Country Fair?

    And then there was his role in establishing Jung in Toronto. Not to mention the 140 books, 19 (I think) of them his, from Inner City Books, his expressing what he (and I) believe Jungian psychology is about.

    My thoughts drift back to Ontario with regularity. The visits there to present to the Jung Foundation at the invitation of Daryl were magical, hanging out with da man, getting to know new friends, the enjoyable hours with programs at the Institute.

    After one of my lectures, Daryl came up to me and said, "That was not half-bad for a change, why don't you write it up and I'll publish it?" Thus began my writing for Inner City Books and subsequent invitations to speak around the US, in Canada, and in Europe.

    Thanks to his awesome daughter and son, Jessy Kate and Dave, I was able to Skype with Daryl the day before he died. We spoke of Keanu Reeves for the duration that he had energy to talk. Keanau Reeves!? I wondered what Daryl was thinking when I recalled the following I'd recently read in the news –

    "In 2010, an image of Reeves became an Internet meme after photos of him, seemingly depressed while sitting on a park bench eating alone."

    Since then Reeves has bounced back and is again making movies that bring him well-deserved acclaim. Death and rebirth, it struck me. I know Daryl was not afraid of dying. Perhaps, knowing it is a rebirth? Is that what he was telling me? When it is my time to cross over, I hope it is Daryl who meets me on the other side and helps me feel at home.

    His humanity and commitment to the psyche is something I will know as a central and guiding point for my life and work. May we keep birthing his spirit.

  6. Today as friends and family gather at Daryl’s home, I wanted to be part of this special day by leaving few words here.
    I want to express my full gratitude and how blessed i am to have met such an exceptional man.
    Daryl has been the spiritual father I had been looking for and gave me back so much of the Eros I had lost. I will miss him very much and will keep preciously the little elephant he gave me.
    Yes he was kind and generous and I loved him.

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