Refreshed website launch imbued with Daryl Sharp’s legacy

Daryl Sharp, the Founder and General Editor of Inner City Books, began his Jungian experience in Zürich, learning from those whom Jung had personally trained.  Integrity, competence, generosity of spirit, depth of feeling, and breadth of cultural sensitivity, for example, were alive and well. A deep respect for inner images held pride of place over contemporary rationality that never reaches the depth of the soul’s essence.  We trainees were eager to learn from first-generation teachers concerning questions of selfhood, history, and the transformation of both.

These values live in Inner City Books, over the 145 volumes the small and mighty publishing house has made available to a public hungry for substance.  It is a source of deep satisfaction for me that Daryl Sharp’s legacy will continue in the strength of Inner City’s original vision. Those close to him are now reaffirming, and will continue shaping, the spirit of the first publisher in North America devoted solely to Jungian analysts. “The real quill,” as Daryl called it – this passion to faithfully serve what is essential to the human heart.

– J. Gary Sparks, Jungian analyst and Inner City Books author

Inner City Books