Dream Interpretation Recommended Reading List

Jung sees the dream as the steady endeavor of the unconscious to create the best possible equilibrium in the psyche. It is in the world of dreaming that the unconscious expresses itself, providing us with insight into the way in which we are operating in the world, providing us with insight into our feelings, our recurring patterns, our one-sidedness and providing new possibilities and opportunities where consciously we see none. It is through working with our dreams that we explore ourselves, come to know ourselves better and find meaning.

Explore your dream world through:

Animal Guides in Life, Myth & Dreams by Neil RussackRussack’s moving narrative of his and others’ experience of animals—dogs, waterbirds, deer, whales, geese, frogs, elephants, dolphins, horses, boar, octopuses, unicorns and many more—teases out their psychological significance through the deft use of mythology, poetry, dreams and case material.
Awakening Woman : Dreams & Individuation by Nancy-Qualla-CorbettIn this unique collaborative work by an analyst and her analysand, a woman in midlife learns to understand her dreams, visions and emotions, and especially the kinship between sexuality and spirituality, thus acquiring an authentic sense of self.
Jungian Dream Interpretation : A Handbook of Theory & Practice by James A. Hall – A comprehensive guide to an understanding of dreams in light of the basic principles of analytical psychology. This book pays particular attention to common motifs, the role of complexes, and the goal and purpose of dreams.

The Dream Story by Donald Broadribb – This is a solid workbook for those seeking an understanding of dreams in the context of everyday life. The author provides a rare weave of theory and application, drawing on various schools of psychology and tracking recurring symbols in a series of dreams, whilst providing numerous examples.

 – A comprehensive study illuminating the depth and scope of Jung’s magnum opus and its relevance to everyday life. Contains a treasury of material for understanding and amplifying modern dreams and other unconscious contents.

The Use of Dreams in Coupling Counselling: A Jungian Perspective by Rene Nell Psychotherapists of many different schools use dreams in individual therapy, but very few use them in counseling couples. Indeed, marriage and family therapists often have no experience in this area because dream interpretation is seldom included in their training. In this book, with the help of numerous examples, Dr. Nell explains the efficacy of dream interpretation when working with couples, individually and in groups, in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional disturbances.

Visions in the Night : Jungian & Ancient Dream Interpretation by Joel Covitz Thousands of years before Freud and Jung, “visions in the night” were an important source of divine guidance, and the role of dream interpreter was an established profession. The author examines ancient, medieval and modern literature for insights that illuminate a Jungian approach to the value of dreamwork in the analytic process. Includes case material. 2nd Edition, revised.

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