Advance reviews of new book by Daryl Sharp

(Another Jungian Romance) by Daryl Sharp (128 pp., $25.00).
Advance Reviews:
“Sharp’s latest is miles ahead. It is very substantial, from quasi-erotic scenes and the angst of being a writer, to the deeper reaches of Jungian psychology. The writing has a strength and integrity to it that comes from experience, years of writing and wisdom. Sharp has a special gift for making Jung fun all along the way.”—A. N. Review of Books, Toronto.
Miles to Go… captures the reader from the get-go. Includes balanced reflections on Jung’s relationship with Sabina Spielrein, and fine thoughts on the value of introversion. It is serious fun throughout, a rich tome that will enchant and inform all who take it in hand.”—Indianapolis Beaver.
“Another solid and sane entry into the chaos of our time from one of the co-founders of Jungian psychology in Canada. Sharp’s perspicacity and wit keep the reader glued to his prose. Another gem from the treasure house of the fair north, as we have come to expect. A must read for anyone interested in the cutting edge of Jungian psychology.”—New Age Yoni.

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