Jung’s work has for many years provided me with rich wisdom, insight and personal growth. In many ways my reading journey has been a lonely one and as I read Jung’s work I have longed to discuss individual paragraphs with a Jungian Analyst; I have wondered how they would interpret a particular piece, what insights … Read more

World Weary Woman : Her Wound and Transformation by Cara Barker

The title of this book immediately grabbed my attention, World Weary Woman, I did indeed feel weary, world weary!  Bone tired from the weight of the world’s demands, the judgements, the constant need for setting goals and achievement, the attending to my wounds, the relentless searching and searching and searching. Was I a world weary … Read more

Creating a Life: Finding your Individual Path by James Hollis

James Hollis has the extraordinary ability to make the work of Carl Jung meaningfully applicable to our everyday lives and this genius is apparent in Creating a Life: Finding your Individual Path.  The book takes you on a journey into living an examined life, a journey towards consciousness. But Hollis warns this journey will not solve all … Read more

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