HIJACKED BY EROS: A Jungian analyst’s picaresque adventures in the pleroma by Daryl Sharp – Title 133

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This final volume in The Eros Trilogy is all one might expect from the author who coined the term “Jungian romance.” Sharp and his rogueish side-kick Razr jostle for position, adroitly balancing Logos and Eros, puer and senex. Overall, it is both heady and hearty.

A bonus here is the inclusion of a long-lost scholarly essay by the late A. R. Pope of Zurich, “The Eros Aspect of the Eye,”

Here are some advance reviews:

Hijacked by Eros is saucy and salty, peppered with nonsense and experiential insights.
—B. C. Review of Books, Vancouver.

Sharp explores the genre he created (Jungian romance) with courage and panache. Serious fun.
—Melbourne Daily Mail.

Sharp is the Harold Pinter of the Jungian world.
Simultaneously sparse and profound, his books offer a refreshing perspective on Jung’s fundamental ideas.
—Washington Tribune.

Hijacked by Eros packs a mighty wallop:
Unadulterated Jung, song and dance, and sexy ladies.
—Indianapolis Broad Rippler.

Hijacked by Eros is a remarkable blend of thinking and feeling, Logos and Eros. It is a refreshing and informative read, light-hearted and bold in elucidating the basic tenets of Jungian psychology.
—San Francisco Mirror.

DARYL SHARP, M.A., B.Sc., B.J., is a graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute of Zurich and the author of many other books. He is the publisher of Inner City Books in Toronto, Canada, where he has an analytic practice.

Also available lower-priced as part of The Eros Trilogy

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Title 133. ISBN 9781894574358. Index. 128pp 2012

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