THE PARENTAL IMAGE: Its Injury and Reconstruction by M. Esther Harding – Title 106

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The effect of the parental image in the psyche of each individual has ever been the basis upon which we develop relationships with other people, with a vocation, and indeed with all realms of life. This much-loved classic of Jungian psychology explores the various stages of maturation and the challenges faced by anyone who seeks authentic independence. Dr. Harding describes in depth the task of each level of development as we venture into the world. Using the ancient Babylonian creation legend (the Enuma Elish) to illustrate the process, and relating it to modern dreams and case material, she makes it clear that the struggle to grow up has always been both difficult and liberating.


Title 106. ISBN 9781894574075. 24 illustrations. Index. 160pp 2003
Edited by Daryl Sharp

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