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Reflections on the Badger Trilogy J. Gary Sparkles, Jungian analyst a.k.a. Henri Etincelles “Take another piece of my heart, baby,” soloed Janis Joplin in her throaty and exuberant late-sixties voice.  We hear that same heartfelt exuberance, today, these decades later, in the writings of the North Country’s own Daryl Sharp (I write as a stateside … Read more


EROS: MELODIES OF LOVEMore Jungian Notes from Undergroundby Daryl Sharp ISBN 9781894574440. Sewn. Index. 128 pp. 2015. $25.00  (free shipping) or ebook In this final volume of his Badger Trilogy, Sharp pushes the boundaries of “subjective non-fiction” about as far as they can go. Still, true to his other books in the “Jungian romance” genre (which he … Read more

Another Piece of My Heart: with Badger MGee, Sett in His Eros Ways.

by Daryl Sharp ISBN 9781894575433. Sewn. Index. 112 pp. 2014. $25.00 (free shipping) or ebook This second volume in the Badger Trilogy features more Jungian notes from underground, with Badger expounding on the contrasexual archetypes and Daemon musing on the personal influence of Jung’s essay, “The Undiscovered Self.” Another Piece of My Heart is playful and thought-provoking, as befits … Read more

New From Inner City Books May 2013

EROS NATURALLY: Jungian Notes from Underground with Sett In My Ways: A Badger’s TailDaryl Sharp (Toronto) ISBN 9781894574419. Sewn. Index. 112 pp. 2013. $25.00 Eros, Naturally is a romp with gravitas. It is another “Jungian romance” by the author who created the genre, starting with Chicken Little: The Inside Story(1993) and continuing through over a dozen more … Read more

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I am pleased to inform you that Inner City Books now offers free shipping for individual orders placed directly on our website’s shopping cart. The process is simple, and these credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Have a look and fill the gaps in your collection of Inner City titles: www.innercitybooks.net … Read more

New titles for Fall 2012

135. CLINICAL CHAOS: The Strange Attractors of Childhood Trauma. John R. Van Eenwyk (Olympia, WA) 2013 192 pp. $30/£15 THE TALKING CURE: Psychotherapy, Past, Present and Future. 3 vols. $25 each, or all 3 for $50/£25 (when ordered directly from Inner City Books). Anthony Stevens (Corfu, Greece) 136. Volume One: What Is Psychotherapy? Psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud; … Read more

Advance reviews of new book by Daryl Sharp

MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP: Growing Up Puer (Another Jungian Romance) by Daryl Sharp (128 pp., $25.00). Advance Reviews: “Sharp’s latest is miles ahead. It is very substantial, from quasi-erotic scenes and the angst of being a writer, to the deeper reaches of Jungian psychology. The writing has a strength and integrity to it … Read more

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Growing up through falling apart Review by Roy MacSkimmingof The Survival Papers: Anatomy of a Midlife Crisis (title 35; $25), and Dear Gladys: The Survival Papers, Book 2 (title 37; $25) by Daryl Sharp, in The Toronto Star, August 1989. To discover what Jung was driving at, we can plough through all 20 volumes of … Read more

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