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Preface Extract from THE SECRET WORLD OF DRAWINGS A Jungian approach to healing through Art by Gregg M. Furth

Interpretation can paradoxically help discover a particular kind of beauty in a drawing. Whoever has made a drawing often judges his picture according to external aesthetic criteria, and he therefore tends to underestimate it in view of his limited means of pictorial expression. Here, interpretation can help the patient change that viewpoint and those criteria. … Read more

The Kallichoron Well by J. Gary Sparks For Daryl

I arrived around midnight.  The flight had been delayed for several hours.  When I got to the hotel I found my reservation was mislaid, and there was no free room.  My suitcase and I had no choice but to set out in the bleak night for a hotel with available room.  After about an hour … Read more

Alchemy Recommended Reading List

Who were the alchemists and why is alchemy relevant to our lives today? Carl G. Jung discovered that the images and processes he encountered in the old alchemy texts mirrored in symbolic form his theories of psychoanalysis and the unconscious. He saw in alchemy a metaphor for the process of individuation – the transformation of … Read more


The Marion Woodman Bundle

 Addiction to Perfection : The Still Unravished Bride: Through case studies, dreams, and myths, Woodman explores the hidden causes of compulsion in the lives of men and women, the search for an illusory ideal of perfection.  At the root of these addictive and compulsive behaviours, Woodman sees a hunger for spiritual fulfilment, the need to … Read more

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