NOT THE BIG SLEEP: On having fun, seriously (A Jungian romance) by Daryl Sharp – Title 112

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With this book, The Brillig Trilogy (Chicken Little, Who Am I, Really? and Living Jung) becomes The Brillig Quartet. In this volume, the author and the redoubtable Professor Adam Brillig collaborate to create a sparkling love story, salted with balls and ball games, Eros, desire contained and the unpredictable world of the psyche, grounded at all times in the classical precepts of Jungian psychology: individuation, typology, complexes, active imagination, projection, conflict, enantiodromia, the holding of tension and the transcendent function.

Jung often noted that the movement from three to four was difficult but psychologically crucial. As expressed in the alchemical Axiom of Maria — “One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth” — we must regularly reassess where we are in our pursuit of wholeness.

Read all about it in Not the Big Sleep, the author’s latest foray into the unknown.

Daryl Sharp, B.Sc., B.J., M.A., is the publisher of Inner City Books and the author of many other titles in this series.

Also available lower-priced as part of The SleepNot Trilogy.

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Title 112. ISBN 9781894574136. Index. 128pp 2005

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