THE GAMBLER: Romancing Lady Luck (A Jungian exploration) by Billye B. Currie – Title 118

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Gambling, once shunned as a criminal activity, is now a main-stream component of Western culture. Participation in gambling is reported by over 80% of people in North America.

This is the first ever book on gamblers and gambling from a Jungian perspective. Most studies of gambling activities focus on addiction to the game(s), but this book covers the gamut, from recreational to pathological gambling. The author explores the archetypal foundations of the gambler through 1) amplification of images of Lady Luck; 2) the role of “play” as an activity informing the gambler’s approach to the game; and 3) images of the gambler on the continuum from play to addiction —all in the service of becoming better acquainted with the gambler in ourselves and in those around us.

Case stories are included in this exceptionally insightful study of the inner and outer forces that urge many of us to take a chance—on slots, cards, dice, lotteries, horses, roulette, stocks, love and more, with particular attention to gambling in casinos.

Billye B. Currie, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and a graduate of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts.

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Title 118. ISBN 9781894574192. Index. 128pp 2007

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