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Books on Women's Studies

ISBN 0-919123-03-1. 18 illustrations. Index. 144 pp. 1980. $25.00

Eye-opening insights into the body as mirror of the psyche in eating disorders and weight disturbances. Case studies and practical procedures emphasize the integration of body and soul.

ISBN 0-919123-05-8. Index. 112 pp. 1981. $25.00

Pioneer study of the need for an inner female authority in a masculine- oriented society. Interprets the journey into the underworld of Inanna-Ishtar, Goddess of Heaven and Earth, to see Ereshkigal, her dark sister. So must modern women descend into the depths of themselves.

ISBN 0-919123-07-4. Index. 160 pp. 1981. $25.00

A thorough psychological interpretation of the Don Juan novels, bringing Castaneda’s spiritual journey down to earth. Includes Toni Wolff’s model of feminine typology. Familiarity with Castaneda’s novels is not necessary.

ISBN 0-919123-10-4. Index. 144 pp. 1982. $25.00

Compares medical and psychological models, and examines the success of Alcoholics Anonymous in terms of archetypal patterns represented by the Greek gods Apollo, Dionysus, Athene and Asclepius (the wounded healer).

ISBN 0-919123-11-2. 22 illustrations. Index. 208 pp. 1982. $30.00
Deluxe hardcover edition: ISBN 0-919123-40-6. $35

“This book is about taking the head off an evil witch.” A powerful study of the nature of the feminine in food rituals, dreams, mythology, body work, Christianity, sexuality, creativity and relationships.

ISBN 0-919123-15-5. Index. 128 pp. 1984. OUT OF PRINT

A moving account of a woman’s Jungian analysis, interweaving her personal experience with social, biological, emotional and psychological factors. Reveals later life as a time of self-discovery and potential rebirth.

ISBN 0-919123-20-1. 28 illustrations. Index. 208 pp. 1985. $30.00
Deluxe hardcover edition: ISBN 0-919123-41-4. $35

“The woman who is virgin, one in herself, does what she does not for power or out of the desire to please, but because what she does is true.” Here is writing with a thinking heart, blending art, literature, religion and case material. Continues Woodman’s pioneering work on the nature of the feminine in both women and men.

ISBN 0-919123-31-7. 20 illustrations. Index. 176 pp. 1988. $30.00

The disconnection between spirituality and passionate love leaves a broad sense of dissatisfaction and boredom in relationships. The author illustrates how our vitality and capacity for joy depend on restoring the soul of the sacred prostitute to its rightful place in consciousness.

ISBN 0-919123-35-X. 20 illustrations. Index. 160 pp. 1988. OUT OF PRINT

Through Apollo’s gift of prophecy Cassandra foretold the future. Enraged by her rejection of him, Apollo vowed no one would ever believe her. This book shows how prophetic sensibilities can become the creative wellspring of a proud new life.

ISBN 0-919123-50-3. Index. 192 pp. 1991. OUT OF PRINT

Combining theory with soul-made truths found in the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Adrienne Rich, Teresa of Avila, Emily Dickinson, Mary Oliver and many more, the author illumines the role of every woman’s lifelong companion.

ISBN 0-919123-54-6. 208 pp. 1992. $30.00

The author grew up in Germany while Hitler’s National Socialism was ravaging Europe. During her later years in America, she worked at redeeming the shadows of her past, bending all efforts toward achieving inner peace. This is a unique portrayal of the process of self-empowerment.

58. Conscious Femininity
Marion Woodman
ISBN 0-919123-59-7. Index. 160 pp. 1993. $25.00

Marion Woodman’s books have sold well over 800,000 copies, with 20 editions in 10 languages. Those already familiar with her work (see titles 4, 12, 21, 41) will value the deep passion that animates these candid discussions. For those who haven’t yet discovered her, this is an excellent place to start.

ISBN 0-919123-63-5. Index. 144 pp. 1994. $25.00

A comprehensive overview of inner events and creative possibilities during the years after middle age. Prétat explores the tasks and potential rewards of this period, including the relevance of the Demeter-Persephone myth.

83. The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redemption
Marie-Louise von Franz
ISBN 0-919123-84-7. 8 illustrations. Index. 128 pp. 1999. $25.00

“The Cat” is a Romanian fairy tale about a princess who at the age of seventeen is bewitched—turned into a cat. Von Franz unravels the symbolic threads in this story, from enchantment to beating, the ringing of bells, golden apples, somersaults, witches, etc. Throughout,, she explores the great themes of redemption and the union of opposites. Grounded in experience.

ISBN 0-919123-97-X. Index. 160 pp. 2001. $25.00

A World Weary Woman is one whose characteristic response to stress is to struggle to achieve. However, she feels little joy in the process, suffering a disconnection from her feminine body wisdom and her creativity. Her task is to find a way of living authentically that allows her to express what awakens her heart. The provisional life exhausts her and she knows it. Thus she must detach from who she has been, in order to discover who she is meant to be.

ISBN 1-894574-02-8. with Leila McMackin. Index. 160 pp. 2002. $25.00

When you face the truth that your familiar psychological territory is no longer your moral, spiritual or emotional home, and the road ahead twists through a dark forest—then you know the experience, both terrifying and exhilarating, of the refugee who slowly becomes the explorer. In this unique collaborative work by an analyst and her analysand, a woman in midlife learns to understand her dreams, visions and emotions, and especially the kinship between sexuality and spirituality, thus acquiring an authentic sense of self.