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Books on Masculine Psychology

ISBN 0-919123-00-7. Illustrated. Index. 128 pp. 1980. $25.00

A concise illustration of the meaning and purpose of neurosis, with particular attention to puer psychology, anima and shadow, the mother complex, individuation and dream symbolism. Focus on the life of Franz Kafka.

ISBN 0-919123-19-8. Index. 144 pp. 1985. OUT OF PRINT

eBook edition $25.
Guided journey through the world of dreams, showing how individual psychological development parallels the historical evolution of consciousness. Special attention to artists and creativity in men.

ISBN 0-919123-26-0. 30 illustrations. Index. 144 pp. 1987. $25.00

Through close examination of the physical, psychological and mythological aspects of phallos, the author differentiates masculinity from patriarchy and discovers a mysterious, divine reality coequal with the maternal principle as an originating force in the psyche.

ISBN 0-919123-34-1. Index. 160 pp. 1988. $25.00

Lost your mate, your energy, peace of mind? Welcome to midlife crisis. Jung’s basic concepts come alive as one man’s plight is dramatically portrayed with humor, compassion and ruthless clarity.

ISBN 0-919123-51-1. Index. 144 pp. 1991. $25.00

Scholarly yet lyrical, and informed by both Jungian and Freudian theory, this worthy sequel to the author’s Phallos (title 27) maps the insecurities and unconscious forces which from early life prompt men to violence, and proposes powerful countermeasures.

ISBN 0-919123-53-8. 18 illustrations. Index. 160 pp. 1991. $25.00

An archetypal perspective on the psychological bond between “green” and “yellow” men, with affinities to earth and sky, matter and spirit, respectively, showing how the fruits of their symbolic gardening can be a deeply rooted affirmation of life. Literature, film and case material.

ISBN 0-919123-61-9. 8 illustrations. Index. 144 pp. 1993. $25.00

A companion volume to The Secret Lore of Gardening (title 52), further exploring gay typology, with emphasis on the complex psychological dynamics underlying relationships between “blue” men and “red” men.

ISBN 0-919123-64-3. Index. 144 pp. 1994. $25.00

Saturn was the Roman god who ate his children to stop them from usurping his power. Men have been psychologically and spiritually wounded by this legacy. Hollis offers a rich perspective on the secrets men carry in their hearts.

ISBN 0-919123-83-X. 22 illustrations. Index. 192 pp. 1999. $30.00

A psychological overview of the puer aeternus archetype, with a detailed interpretation of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie’s play and novel. A lively perspective on the puer as symbolic of both creative and destructive energies.

87. The Problem of the Puer Aeternus
Marie-Louise von Franz
ISBN 0-919123-88-0. Bibliography and extensive index. Sewn. 288 pp. 2000. $40.00

In Jungian psychology the term puer is used to describe a certain type of man—charming, affectionate and ever in pursuit of his dreams. These are the men (and women too) who remain adolescent well into their adult years. Von Franz tells it like it is in this classic study.

ISBN 1-894574-15-X. Index. 160 pp. 2006. $25.00

This long-awaited book by the best-selling author of Phallos (1987) and Castration and Male Rage (1991) does not disappoint. Indeed, Potency was ten years in the writing, and it is the culmination of Dr. Monick’s forty-year involvement in exploring the psychological essence of masculinity and the dynamics underlying male-female relationships.

He writes: "The collapse of patriarchy is on our doorstep if not already in the house. Men feel this change deeply. Almost everywhere, being born male has made a man feel entitled. Becoming unentitled can make men insecure, angry and pathologically violent, as though they faced the threat of castration. How can men function without their traditional authority to be in control?"

This book addresses that question and offers cogent alternatives to patriarchy and patriarchal attitudes.

Eugene Monick, M.Div., Ph.D., is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and an Episcopal priest. He lives and practices in the Scranton area of Pennsylvania. There is an excerpt from Potency in the Jung at Heart newsletter, no. 43.