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Books on Analysis

ISBN 0-919123-08-2. 18 illustrations. Index. 192 pp. 1982. $30.00

A practical guide to the phenomenology of narcissism—what it looks like, what it means and how to deal with it. Draws on mythology and a variety of analytic points of view (Jung, Klein, Freud, Kohut, etc.).

ISBN 0-919123-14-7. Index. 128 pp. 1984. $25.00

Summarizes the views of Jung and Freud on transference and countertransference, as well as those of Martin Buber on I-it and I-thou relationships. Special attention to the significance of erotic love in therapy and analysis.

ISBN 0-919123-25-2. 10 illustrations. Index. 176 pp. 1986. $30.00

Comprehensive description of Jungian thought, addressed particularly to those considering analysis and to therapists of other theoretical backgrounds who wish to better understand the clinical application of Jung’s model of the psyche. Includes practical information on training to become a Jungian analyst.

ISBN 0-919123-29-5. Index. 128 pp. 1987. $25.00

Focus on Eros, relatedness and the healing power of touch, with an overview of pioneering body therapies, dance symbolism, transference, dream interpretation and the controversial issue of gratification in therapy.

33. When the Spirits Come Back
Janet O. Dallett
ISBN 0-919123-32-5. 160 pp. 1988. $25.00

Interweaving her own story with descriptions of those who come to her for help, Dallett details her rediscovery of the integrity of the healing process and illustrates the limitations of prevailing medical attitudes toward mental distrubances.

ISBN 0-919123-34-1. Index. 160 pp. 1988. $25.00

Lost your mate, your energy, peace of mind? Welcome to midlife crisis. Jung’s basic concepts come alive as one man’s plight is dramatically portrayed with humor, compassion and ruthless clarity.

ISBN 0-919123-36-8. Index. 144 pp. 1989. $25.00

Continues the story of Norman’s midlife crisis (title 35) and what happened to him when he went into analysis. Again, part textbook, part novel.

ISBN 0-919123-42-2. 8 illustrations. Index. 224 pp. 1990. $35.00

Focus on the ways in which a woman may be undermined by a crippling relationship with her inner man. Powerful images from poetry, myth, dreams, analysis and personal experience.

ISBN 0-919123-44-9. Index. 112 pp. 1990. $25.00

Faust was Jung’s lifelong companion. Here the dean of American analysts shows that Faust is at once a psychological portrait of the modern psyche, a symbolic description of a depth analysis and a guide to understanding alchemy.

ISBN 0-919123-47-3. Index. 160 pp. 1990. $25.00

Focus on transference and countertransference phenomena, with special attention to recurrent themes in therapy—idealization, narcissism, borderline conditions, envy, separation anxiety, depression, etc.

ISBN 0-919123-95-3. 30 illustrations. Index. 160 pp. 2001. $25.00

An in-depth study of the parallels between yoga practices and Jungian analysis, and the implications of both for spiritual and psychological growth. An eminently practical approach that on the one hand illuminates Jung’s ideas as they may be experienced through bodywork, and on the other offers a new psychological perspective to practitioners of bodywork.

ISBN 0-919123-98-8. 27 illustrations. Index. 224 pp. 2002. $30.00

Russack’s moving narrative of his and others’ experience of animals—dogs, waterbirds, deer, whales, geese, frogs, elephants, dolphins, horses, boar, octopuses, unicorns and many more—teases out their psychological significance through the deft use of mythology, poetry, dreams and case material.

ISBN 1-894574-00-1. 100 illustrations (74 in color). Index. 176 pp. 2002. $30.00

The author’s deep compassion for those in need—adult or child— is evident in this authoritative application of Jung’s ideas as they apply to the interpretation of impromptu drawings and images from the unconscious in general. Highly recommended for therapists, health care practitioners, educators and artists. Includes a rich reference section for further reading in art therapy and symbolism.

ISBN 1-894574-03-6. 128 pp. 2002. $25.00

Five insightful essays by the late dean of American Jungian analysts: “The Transference Phenomenon,” “The Therapeutic Life,” “Encounter with the Greater Personality,” “The Vocation of Depth Psychotherapy,” and “Science of the Soul” (an edited transcript of his celebrated 1997 video series). The many readers who have appreciated Dr. Edinger’s other books will be delighted with this new selection.

ISBN 1-894574-06-0. Illustrated. Index. 416 pp. 2003. $50.00

In Archetype: A Natural History of the Self (1982), Anthony Stevens presented the key to opening up a scientific approach to the archetypes. At last, in a creative leap made possible by the crossfertilization of several specialist disciplines, psychiatry was integrated with analytical psychology, biology and the social sciences. The result is an immensely enriched science of human behavior. This revised and expanded Edtion of Dr. Stevens’s ground-breaking book further explores the connections between the archetypes and other fields of study.