WHO AM I, REALLY? Personality, Soul and Individuation by Daryl Sharp – Title 67

Cover Who Am I, Really?

How does personality differ from persona? What differentiates an individual from the collective? Where does vocation fit in? This is Book Two of The Brillig Trilogy (with titles 61, 72) featuring the author and Professor Adam Brillig in an artful exposition of Jungian psychology.

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In Memoriam: Marion Woodman, 1928-2018

A version of this article appears in print on July 20, 2018, on Page A24 of the New York edition of the New York Times. The psychoanalyst and author Marion Woodman shown here with Daryl Sharp, publisher of several of Woodman’s books. Marion Woodman, a psychoanalyst whose popular books and lectures on mythical archetypes resonated … Read more

Creating a Life: Finding your Individual Path by James Hollis

James Hollis has the extraordinary ability to make the work of Carl Jung meaningfully applicable to our everyday lives and this genius is apparent in Creating a Life: Finding your Individual Path.  The book takes you on a journey into living an examined life, a journey towards consciousness. But Hollis warns this journey will not solve all … Read more


by Maria Helena Mandacarú Guerra ISBN 978-1-894574-42-6; $25; paperback (free shipping) or ebook From the Foreword by Carlos Byington: The Red Book was always a true legend in the Jungian movement. It was thought to reveal the great secrets of the master’s life. Few people had seen it, but their description of it and the … Read more

THE LOVE DRAMA OF C. G. JUNG: As Revealed In His Life And In His Red Book by Maria Helena Mandacarú Guerra – Title 140

Cover The Love Drama of C. G. Jung

From the Foreword by Carlos Byington:
The Red Book was always a true legend in the Jungian movement. It was thought to reveal the great secrets of the master’s life. Few people had seen it, but their description of it and the Jung family’s resistance to publishing it, turned it into a true mystery. The fact that we knew the original was in a bank safe in the center of Zurich made it a coveted and irresistible treasure.

Examining the contents of the book, I confirmed the creativity, the originality, and the courage that Jung displayed by writing it, but I did not find properly a plot that could link its content as a whole to an individual myth, to Jung’s process of individuation, to existential details that really characterize life as it is.

It was in this context that I accompanied my wife, Maria Helena, in her serious study of the Red Book, and her discovery of an Ariadne’s thread that suddenly became for me a clear account of an absolutely personal story line, the light and the shadow, charged with seeking, suffering, guilt, and self-realization that we can now see corresponds to what Jung described later as the process of individuation.

Indeed, Jung’s amours have been almost as much of a mystery as the Red Book. I hope the reader has the same pleasure that I had in following the Eros-thread from his wife Emma through his patient Sabina Spielrein to his muse Tony Wolff, and so to the creation of the Red Book as uncov-ered by Maria Helena in this exciting and unique account of how Jung came to develop the concepts of anima, shadow, Self and individuation.

Now, it would be untrue to say that Jung condoned or encouraged infidelity. However, he did experience it as necessary, in his case, to love more than one woman, with all the attendant guilt and suffering, in order to plumb the depths of his soul. His testament to the reality of the psyche is revealed in his Red Book and explicated here by Maria Helena Guerra.

Maria Helena Mandacarú Guerra lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she practices as a Jungian psychologist.

NOT THE BIG SLEEP: On having fun, seriously (A Jungian romance) by Daryl Sharp – Title 112

Cover Not The Big Sleep

With this book, The Brillig Trilogy (Chicken Little, Who Am I, Really? and Living Jung) becomes The Brillig Quartet. In this volume, the author and the redoubtable Professor Adam Brillig collaborate to create a sparkling love story, salted with balls and ball games, Eros, desire contained and the unpredictable world of the psyche, grounded at all times in the classical precepts of Jungian psychology: individuation, typology, complexes, active imagination, projection, conflict, enantiodromia, the holding of tension and the transcendent function.

Jung often noted that the movement from three to four was difficult but psychologically crucial. As expressed in the alchemical Axiom of Maria — “One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth” — we must regularly reassess where we are in our pursuit of wholeness.

Read all about it in Not the Big Sleep, the author’s latest foray into the unknown.

Daryl Sharp, B.Sc., B.J., M.A., is the publisher of Inner City Books and the author of many other titles in this series.

Also available lower-priced as part of The SleepNot Trilogy.

The Brillig Bundle – Title 1001

The Brillig Bundle

These books are Sharp’s first creation of the genre “Jungian romance.” They feature the author interplaying with the gnomic Prof. Adam Brillig.

Also available individually.


I read ‘the’ most incredible book over the holidays. I say incredible with a caveat… it was very challenging and difficult for me to read – as in it actually affected me emotionally. It picked at my scabs. It pricked me where my skin is the thinnest. It led to a full scale breakdown on the beach. … Read more


Eros = Sophia Becoming Excerpt from a book in progress,  Miles To Go Before I Sleep,  by Daryl Sharp. Feeling derelict and dissolute, I spent a pleasant evening with my close friend Rebecca, talking of our lives and sealing wax. Rebecca is happily married, and ours is a chaste friendship that my inner woman Rachel … Read more

LIVING JUNG: The Good and the Better by Daryl Sharp – Title 72

Cover Living Jung

New Age pursuits are on the wane. People are hungry for substance. Where else to find it but in Jung’s ideas on the nature and influence of the unconscious? This inventive learning experience is Book Three of The Brillig Trilogy (with titles 61, 67).

Also available lower-priced as part of The Brillig Trilogy

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