Daryl Sharp audio lectures

Daryl Sharp 1980
Daryl Sharp, 1980

Daryl Sharp 1980
Daryl Sharp, 1980

These lectures give by Daryl Sharp in the early 1980s at O.I.S.E, for the C.G. Jung Foundation of Ontario, were recorded on cassette tape.

The audio recordings of those lectures have been digitized and are offered here for your edification and listening pleasure.


Just click to listen in your web browser.  There are parts where the volume is very low, especially during the question and answer periods.

  • Daryl Sharp October 6, 1980
  • Daryl Sharp OISE lecture October 19, 1981
  • Daryl Sharp Receiving the Other-The Psychology of Relationship 1984
    • Side 1 (46 minutes)
    • Side 2 (19 minutes)

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