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Books by John P. Dourley

ISBN 0-919123-06-6. 128 pp. 1981. OUT OF PRINT

Catholic priest and analyst examines the deeper meaning of God, Christ, the Spirit, the Trinity, morality and the religious life. "In the depths of the soul," he concludes, "the psychological and religious tasks are one." Index. (See also titles 24, 54, 56) "A sympathetic and insightful dialogue between religious thought and psychology." - Religious Studies Review.

ISBN 0-919123-16-3. Index. 128 pp. 1984. $25.00

Catholic priest and professor of religion explores Jung’s assessment, questioning Christianity’s essentially masculine orientation and its emphasis on perfection, rather than wholeness, as the goal of life.

ISBN 0-919123-28-7. 128 pp. 1987. OUT OF PRINT

The author of The Illness That We Are (title 17) and The Psyche as Sacrament (title 7) shows that without a deeply compassionate relationship to our own soul, we cannot relate to our intimates, or to God, to the full extent of our ability to love. Five essays, including "Jung and Mechthilde of Magdeburg" and "Jung's Understanding of Mysticism." Index. "Intelligent and enjoyable discussions of the dynamics between Jungian thought and theology." - Spectrum Review.

ISBN 0-919123-57-0. Index. 144 pp. 1992. $25.00

The author: “If the values of Jung’s good news are to be realized, the religious horsemen of death must first be faced. Jung fingers them. They are faith, hope and charity, clothed in religious or political certitude.”